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Le Fotobookfestival remercie vivement Le Bal pour l’opportunité de mettre en place le festival 2012 à Paris. Dans un cadre plus réduit qu’à Kassel, notre programme offrira néanmoins des expositions et des conférences trés captivants. La présentation de livres de photographie sera complétée par un marché du livre. Si vous souhaitez être tenu informé des mises à jour du programme vous pouvez vous inscrire à notre newsletter.


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Conférences et présentations:

Laurence Aëgerter
Gerry Badger
Xavier Barral
Eric Beaudelaire
Chris Boot
Dirk Braeckman
Rémi Coignet
Jason Fulford
Frits Gierstberg
Todd Hido
Adam Murray
Markus Schaden


International Photobook Dummy Award 2012
Tous les livres évalués

International Photobook Award 2012
Tous les livres présélectionnés

Joachim Schmid
Other People's Photographs – The complete series of books

Publishers Dream Award
Huit maisons d‘éditions présentent leurs livres ainsi qu’un projet de livre inédit
Commissaire: Willem van Zoetendaal, Amsterdam
Artbeat Publishers (Japan)
One of the great books published by Artbeat is Out of Ark by Yumiko Itsu. So many of the images seem to be from another ‘world’. Artbeat’s publications feel fresh, adventurous and funny. Director Sawako Fukai has a good knack of discovering young artists, and she gives them a perfect stage on which to present themselves. The magazines published by Artbeat are also original and cool. For instance, have a look at Tokyo Frontline Special Guide for young artists 2011 or Photozine 007 with photographs by AOKI Takamasa!
Edition Patrick Frey (Switzerland)
At Offprint Paris 2011, I met Mirjam Fischer and Andreas Koller, representatives of Edition Patrick Frey. They introduced me into Frey’s publications, which in my opinion are astonishing. Their idealistic approach is to publish artists` works which simply need to be published, no matter what it costs, and with the best editors and designers (Swiss design is really amazing; Frey’s list of designers is endless). Some books to be mentioned: Armand Schulthess. Rekonstruktion eines Universums, a book about an Art Brut-artist that is so incredibly well done that every now and then I have a look at it again, and Himmel by Andreas Züst, with an amazing selection of photographs of fluorescent seas of fog.
Patrick Frey
Fotohof Edition (Austria)
Fotohof has done such a great job of promoting photography since it was founded in 1981, with its many interesting exhibitions and publications, catalogues and books in the mainstream of autonomous art photography. A book like Models by Michael Schäfer or that by Ricarda Roggan (1996, when not many people knew the work yet!) are really astonishing. Fotohof publications bring care and dedication to the art of photography.
Kominek Books (Germany)
Misha Kominek’s energy is endless, if you look at what he is initiating in the world of photography, as a gallery, a bookshop and a publisher. Next to Schaden and Steidl, he is one of the most important German promoters of photography these days. The book ENRIQUE METINIDES is example. What a publication! And the booklet Polaroids of Africa by Viviane Sassen 2010, wow! Both books are designed by Sybren Kuiper and it is obvious that Kominek knows how to choose suburban quality!
J&L Books (United States)
At Le Bal in April I can finally meet Jason Fulford, one of the founders of J&Lbooks. J&L is a non-profit organization, their staff of volunteers is committed to producing books of previously unpublished or rarely seen work by contemporary artists. J&L produces two to five new books each year with the support and collaboration of individuals and institutions. Jason Fulford’s book The Mushroom Collector took me into another universe of looking. Extraordinary, fantastic!
Jesuisunebandedejeunes (France)
BRUIT DE FOND, BACKGROUND NOISE is a great example of a photobook that is never boring. As a viewer, you yourself become part of the exploding content. Every time I turn the pages I get excited. Great photographs, great selection, great montage, great design. All ingredients/disciplines are balanced. An eye-opener. This publication is one of the reasons that I selected JSBJ as a collectif for Le Bal. They always surprise me with the unexpected, and with the Bluezines!
Mörel Books (United Kingdom)
Aron Morel created Morel Books, as a non-profit publisher in the art world. Aiming to even out the artist’s playground, Morel works closely with both prominent as well as lesser-known artists. Morel is one of the new British promoters of art photography, next to Hotshoe and Mack. To mention some great Morel books: aurora borealis by Agnes Thor and MOM & DAD by Terry Richardson.
Van Zoetendaal Publishers (Netherlands)
I realize that my selection of publishers has a strong connection with the world of art photography, in which documentary photography is not a goal in itself. Also most of the books I like are a beautiful balance between content, art, editing and design. I want to apologize to all the great publishers I did not choose for this event. Many of the publishers I admire could not have been chosen because there was only space for a small amount of participants at Le Bal(only 8 countries and 1 for each country). The publishers who are participating this year cannot be in the selection for next year 2013.
Van Zoetendaal
Texts by Willem van Zoetendaal